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Albertina Kerr Centers - Eugene L3214 (1.91 MB)
Albertina Kerr Centers - Salem L3213 (0.23 MB)
Aramark @ PSU L1336 (0.32 MB)
Association of Oregon Counties L3581-1 (0.28 MB)
Benton County L2064 (0.74 MB)
Bureau of Emergency Communications L189-2 (0.40 MB)
Central City Concern L88-1 (0.21 MB)
Child Care Providers Together L132 (0.47 MB)
City of Albany L2909 (0.34 MB)
City of Albany Transit Employees L2909-1 (0.28 MB)
City of Athena L3742-1 (1.33 MB)
City of Boardman L3742-3 (0.40 MB)
City of Burns - Police L3036 (0.90 MB)
City of Burns - Public Works L3036 (0.23 MB)
City of Canby L350-6 (1.22 MB)
City of Coos Bay L2892 (3.29 MB)
City of Cornelius L189-1 (1.77 MB)
City of Corvallis L2975 (0.34 MB)
City of Eugene L1724 (6.21 MB)
City of Forest Grove L3786 (1.06 MB)
City of Garibaldi L2734-2 (0.43 MB)
City of Gladstone L350-3 (0.13 MB)
City of Junction City L3754 (0.31 MB)
City of Klamath Falls L2451 (2.58 MB)
City of Lebanon L2043 (1.65 MB)
City of Lincoln City L3498 (2.24 MB)
City of Medford L2621 (3.62 MB)
City of Milwaukie L350-5 (2.83 MB)
City of Newberg L1569 (9.53 MB)
City of Oakridge L2831-4 (1.89 MB)
City of Oakridge Police L2831-2 (1.81 MB)
City of Oregon City L350-2 (0.34 MB)
City of Philomath L3543 (0.21 MB)
City of Portland L189 (1.94 MB)
City of Redmond L3704 (1.73 MB)
City of Rockaway Beach L2734-1 (1.97 MB)
City of Salem L2067 (6.49 MB)
City of Scappoose L1442-1 (1.17 MB)
City of Sherwood L1777 (0.24 MB)
City of Springfield L1148 (2.00 MB)
City of St. Helens L1789 (1.53 MB)
City of Stayton L3222 (0.21 MB)
City of Sutherlin L1481 (0.45 MB)
City of Sweet Home L3337 (0.17 MB)
City of Sweet Home Police L3337-1 (0.15 MB)
City of Troutdale L3132 (0.64 MB)
City of Vernonia L1442-2 (0.16 MB)
City of Warrenton L2746-4 (5.32 MB)
City of West Linn L350-1 (4.07 MB)
City of Woodburn L642 (0.22 MB)
City of Yachats L3711 (1.18 MB)
Clackamas County C-Com L350-7 (1.14 MB)
Clackamas County DTD L350 (0.77 MB)
Clackamas County WES L350-4 (0.67 MB)
Clackamas River Water L350-9 (0.09 MB)
Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare L2746-2 (1.21 MB)
Clatsop Co. District Attorneys L2746-6 (0.35 MB)
Clatsop County L2746 (0.51 MB)
Clatsop County Sheriffs L2746-7 (0.55 MB)
Coast Rehabilitation L2746-3 (2.46 MB)
Columbia County L1442 (0.20 MB)
Columbia County Roads L697 (0.56 MB)
Community Services Consortium & Headstart L3563 (2.37 MB)
Construction Contractor's Board L3581 (0.98 MB)
Coos County Courthouse L2936 (0.61 MB)
Corvallis Environmental Research Employees L3115 (2.81 MB)
Crook County Road Dept. L1329 (7.42 MB)
Dept. of Environmental Quality L3336 (0.95 MB)
Dept. of Land Conservation & Development L3772 (0.86 MB)
Dept. of Public Safety Standards & Training L3955 (0.26 MB)
Dept. of State Lands L2238 (0.43 MB)
Deschutes County L3997 (0.35 MB)
Deschutes County Library L3997-2 (0.50 MB)
DOC - Douglas Co. Parole & Probation L3743 (0.77 MB)
DOC - Linn Co. Parole & Probation L2035 (0.77 MB)
DOC Security (8.72 MB)
DOC Security (1.22 MB)
DOC Security (1.22 MB)
DOC Security (1.22 MB)
DOC Security (1.22 MB)
DOC Security (1.22 MB)
DOC Security (1.22 MB)
DOC Security (1.22 MB)
DOC Security (1.22 MB)
DOC Security (1.22 MB)
DOC Security (1.22 MB)
DOC Security Plus L2376 (7.40 MB)
Douglas County - Juvenile Department L1528 (1.36 MB)
Gilliam County L3326 (1.17 MB)
Good Shepherd Hospital (RN's) L835 (1.07 MB)
Good Shepherd Hospital (Support) L835 (2.12 MB)
Good Shepherd Hospital (Tech) L835 (2.65 MB)
Harney County 911 L3036-3 (0.23 MB)
Home Forward L3135 (3.70 MB)
Hood River Co. DDA's L1082 (0.17 MB)
Hood River Co. General Emps L1082 (2.40 MB)
Hood River Co. Public Works L2503 (1.65 MB)
Housing Authority of Yamhill County L3964 (0.26 MB)
Josephine County L3694 (0.55 MB)
Klamath Housing Authority L2451-1 (0.19 MB)
Lake Oswego Municipal Emp. Assoc. L1546 (0.61 MB)
Lane County General Emps L2831 (0.42 MB)
Lane County Housing L3267 (4.33 MB)
Lane County Nurses L2831-1 (0.55 MB)
Long Term Care Ombudsman L3581-2 (1.15 MB)
Malheur County L3831 (1.43 MB)
MERC L3580-1 (2.64 MB)
Metro L3580 (5.32 MB)
Metro Public Defenders L3668 (14.54 MB)
Morrow County Courthouse L2479-2 (0.18 MB)
Morrow County Health District L2479-1 (0.34 MB)
Morrow County Roads L2479 (0.30 MB)
Mult. Co. Juvenile Custody L88 (1.05 MB)
Multnomah County L88 (0.81 MB)
Multnomah County Physicians L88-2 (0.63 MB)
Multnomah Defenders, Inc. L2805 (0.22 MB)
Multnomah Education Service District L1995 (1.34 MB)
Northwest Oregon Housing Authority L2746-4 (1.48 MB)
Northwest Senior & Disability Services L3669 (0.54 MB)
Oak Lodge Sanitary Dist. L350-10 (0.32 MB)
Office of Administrative Hearings L3581 (0.13 MB)
OR Dept. of Public Safety Standards & Training L3955 (1.53 MB)
OR Dept. of State Lands L2238 (1.69 MB)
OR Long Term Care Ombudsman L3581-2 (1.29 MB)
OR Office of Emergency Management L3241 (0.71 MB)
Oregon Association of Justice Attorneys L1085 (0.11 MB)
Oregon Health Authority Physicians L3327 (0.65 MB)
Oregon Health Sciences University L328 (0.64 MB)
Oregon Liquor Control Commission L2505 (1.03 MB)
Oregon Military Department L3932 (0.75 MB)
Oregon State Building Codes Division L3856 (0.99 MB)
Oregon State Dentists L1406 (0.75 MB)
Oregon State Fire Marshal L3765 (0.80 MB)
Oregon State Hospital RN's L3295 (0.28 MB)
Oregon State Police - Support L896 (0.73 MB)
Oregon Youth Authority L191 (1.28 MB)
Polk County Deputy DA's L173-2 (0.15 MB)
Polk County L173 (0.63 MB)
Port of Portland Parking L3220 (0.53 MB)
Portland Development Commission L3769 (3.83 MB)
Rainbow Adult Living L1766 (1.97 MB)
Real Estate Agency L3581 (0.71 MB)
Rockwood Water District L350-8 (0.20 MB)
Southern Oregon Child & Family Council L2619 (0.62 MB)
St. Alphonsus Medical Center L4005 (1.61 MB)
Star of Hope L3505 (1.74 MB)
State Operated Community Program L1246 (0.94 MB)
Tillamook County L2734 (0.18 MB)
Transition Projects Inc. L88-3 (0.25 MB)
Treasure Valley Community College (SRCI) L3763 (1.51 MB)
Tuality Hospital L4003 (1.31 MB)
Umatilla County District Attorneys L3742-4 (0.06 MB)
Umatilla County L3742 (0.63 MB)
Umatilla County Roads L1393 (2.59 MB)
Union County L834 (2.19 MB)
Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center L3670 (0.28 MB)
Wallowa County L3508 (2.51 MB)
Warrenton Police L2746-1 (1.33 MB)
Wasco County L2752 (0.19 MB)
Washington Co. Comm. Corrections L3913 (0.66 MB)
West Extension Irrigation District L3742-2 (0.80 MB)
West Valley Housing Authority L173-1 (0.18 MB)
Willamalane Park District L3512 (0.85 MB)

Last updated: Mar. 29, 2013

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