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We typically leave the most recent endorsement list posted on this site as we find many members like to review this list during the legislative session and/or interim period and review who the Council did and didn't endorse as issues arise at the capitol. Older endorsement lists are archived below.

If you have any questions, Bryan Branstetter is the Oregon AFSCME Political Action Committee Chair.

Primary Election 2014 Endorsement List
Apr 28, 2014
Following is the current list of Oregon AFSCME Council 75 endorsements for the May 20 Primary Election

Following is the current list of Oregon AFSCME Council 75 endorsements for the May 20 Primary Election. Our union utilizes a democratic endorsement process. Candidates are required to fill out a questionnaire and then interview before a panel of union members; that panel then gives its endorsement recommendations to the union's Political Action Committee (PAC). After review, the PAC forwards those recommendations to the full Oregon AFSCME Executive Board, which has the final say on endorsements.


The only exceptions to this process are those state legislators who compiled a 100 percent AFSCME voting record in the previous session (in this case, the 2013 session) and are running for the same office. Legislators who meet those two qualifications receive an automatic endorsement. The names of candidates who have gained automatic endorsements are denoted with an asterisk (*) below.


Generally speaking, if a candidate is running in a non-contested primary and did not qualify for an automatic endorsement, no endorsement is made for the primary. Also, remember that the Oregon Senate operates on four-year terms, so only half of that chamber is up for election every two years.


This list also includes local union endorsements that have been forwarded to us. Such endorsements are generally left to the local with employees at that agency; that is, Local 2831, which represents Lane County employees, has "jurisdiction" in making the endorsement decisions for the Lane County Commission, for example. In some cases the Council may then follow with an endorsement of its own. If your local union has made an endorsement for a race in your community that you would like to see listed here, please e-mail that information to Oregon AFSCME Communications Director Don Loving.





Senate District 04 — * Floyd Prozanski (D)

Senate District 06 — * Lee Beyer (D)

Senate District 08 — Sara Gelser (D)

Senate District 11 — Peter Courtney (D)

Senate District 13 — Ryan Howard (D)

Senate District 21 — * Diane Rosenbaum (D)

Senate District 22 — * Chip Shields (D)





HOUSE DISTRICT 02 — Kerry Atherton (D); Mark Garcia (R)

HOUSE DISTRICT 07 — Gary Williams (R)

HOUSE DISTRICT 08 — * Paul Holvey (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 09 — Caddy McKeown (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 10 — * David Gomberg (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 11 — * Phil Barnhart (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 12 — John Lively (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 13 — * Nancy Nathanson (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 14 — Val Hoyle (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 18 — Vic Gilliam (R)

HOUSE DISTRICT 20 — Paul Evans (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 21 — * Brian Clem (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 22 — Betty Komp (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 23 — Jim Thompson (R)

HOUSE DISTRICT 25 — Barbara Jensen (R)

HOUSE DISTRICT 28 — Jeff Barker (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 30 — * Joe Gallegos (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 31 — Brad Witt (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 33 — * Mitch Greenlick (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 34 — Ken Helm (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 35 — * Margaret Doherty (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 36 — * Jennifer Williamson (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 40 — * Brent Barton (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 41 — Deb Barnes (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 42 — Rob Nosse (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 43 — * Lew Frederick (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 44 — Tina Kotek (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 45 — Barbara Smith Warner (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 47 — * Jessica Vega Pederson (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 48 — Jeff Reardon (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 49 — * Chris Gorsek (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 50 — Carla Piluso (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 51 — * Shemia Fagan (D)

HOUSE DISTRICT 58 — John Turner (R)





Clackamas County Commission, Position 2 — Paul Savas

Clackamas County Commission, Position 5 — Jim Bernard


Deschutes County Commissioner, Position 1 — Jodie Barram

Deschutes County District Attorney — John Hummel

Deschutes County Judge — TJ Spear


Josephine County Measure 17-59 (Jail Operations & Youth Services) — YES


Lane County Commission, Position 1 — Dawn Lesley

Lane County Commission, Position 2 — Sheri Moore

Lane County Commission, Position 5 — Kevin Matthews


Marion County Commission, Position 1 — Diana Dickey


Milwaukie Measure 3-439 (City Bond) — YES


Morrow County Measure 25-65 (Health District Levy) — YES


Multnomah County Commission Chair — Jim Francesconi

Multnomah County Commission, Position 1 — Jules Bailey

Multnomah County Commission, Position 2 — Loretta Smith

Multnomah County Auditor — Steve March

Multnomah County Sheriff — Dan Staton


Pendleton City Council, Ward 2 — Bryan Branstetter


Portland Measure 26-156 (Water District) — NO


Umatilla County Commission, Position 1 — Larry Givens

Umatilla County Commission, Position 2 — George Murdock


Wasco County Commission, Position 1 — Nora Ferguson


Yamhill County Commission, Position 2 — Debra Bridges

Yamhill Circuit Court Judge — Ladd Wiles



Page Last Updated: Apr 28, 2014 (12:00:00)

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